Stop the clocks.

Final tache

¬†Well there you go. That was fun, wasn’t it.

This weekend the tache goes. It’s month is up.


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Towards the end of my adventure – next Thursday – I will be attending a karaoke session.

I am just tremendous at karaoke.

In order to commemorate my facial hair, I was thinking of celebrating it in song.


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Week 3 – the adventure continues

Things were looking a bit ropey in week two – “It looks like a dirty mark” said Laura.

But with the beginning of week three, plenty of steak over the weekend has resulted in a fine looking beast come Monday. (more…)

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Moustache of Theseus

An interesting post at our companion site – World of Beards – discusses the idea of heap theory within the realm of facial hair growing.

To summarise: if one hair is not a moustache, and two hairs are not a moustache, then at what number of hairs does a moustache become a moustache? I think its slightly more complicated than that, so please read the original.

I am minded of the relation of a similarly antiquated philosophical paradox to the growing of a moustache – the Ship of Theseus. (more…)

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Nearly a week

I haven’t quite got the hang of putting photos on the site yet – as the couple below demonstrate – so I will leave the pictoral update for now.

However, after 6 days things are starting to happen. It is not yet in full bloom, and as Martin just said “It’s a bit rubbish”. But from the smallest acorns, mighty oak tree grows. The longest journey begins with a single step. Many a mickle makes a muckle. Etc.

It is looking slightly Ian Beale-esque, but give it time Martin, give it time.

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